the binding myth

with FIONA N. CASHELL AND Julia Jameson

The Binding Myth is the struggle between two sides of a woman: the well-behaved and docile versus the wild and subversive. In the context of the patriarchy, only one side of the female exists peacefully.

She is living in a place in time where her very existence as female is a violent fight against society. The moment she sees herself expressing the patriarchy as a compliant woman she enters a dark night of the soul. She must call on the mythical wild woman to bind her submissive self (and render her powerless) so that rebellion can begin. 

Many generations from now, when this struggle no longer exists, this myth will be seen as a single shout from a single female. The women are opposites but part of a bound spiritual self: two being representative of the spirit as split in a kind of transcendental binary; one that shifts in an ongoing fight for power and expression. 

The Binding Myth is a collaboration by Stacey Lee Gee, Fiona N. Cashell, and Julia Jameson on location at Art Farm Nebraska. (2016)